I'm Ayanna Woods-Joseph. Welcome to my personal lifestyle blog; that documents all things that I am passionate about - Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle (Life, Faith, Inspiration, Health, & Travel) related. I'm a petite girl with a passion for fashion and the medical field. My childhood nickname is Berns shorten for my middle name Bernadine. I was born in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (Island-Girl) and moved to New York in 2000. I love being me, learning new things, and improving myself. I'm very independent and ambitious; my career, goals, and dreams are my main focus. My mission is to inspire others to be confident, be positive, and live well. 

 Here's a bit more about me, I am currently back in college working on my 4th degree. But I am a Grad-School graduate, I studied Fashion Management. And I also have my Bachelor and Associate in Business Administration. My life is a work in progress; because there is always something to improve about myself, as I learn each day to develop into the Godly woman that God created me to be, which helps pushes me to keep bettering myself and inspiring others around me.

I practice a healthy lifestyle by taking care of my body both inside and out, my daily motto: staying healthy live a longer life. I am Lactose Intolerance, and I love vegan food (I am not 100% Vegan), but I am always looking into trying any new diary free alternative food. In 2014 I started my natural hair journey, and I am loving it. These changes in my life helps motivated me to started blogging in 2017 to inspire women around me to be positive, do their best, and staying true to themselves. I hope that you can be inspire too.

Thank you for visiting my blog, please come again. Much Love!



You can stay in touch and connected with me via my social media platforms, subscribe to my blog, and contact me via Email: msayannawoods@gmail.com.

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