• Ayanna Woods


Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Hey loves, hope all is well. Today I am here to review the New Juvia's Place I Am Magic Foundation. I always love trying new products and can't wait to try this new foundation.

In today's post I just wanted to catch up on some a new foundation, that can be found at http://www.juviasplace.com. I know how frustrated it can be trying to find products that works for you. Because no-one like to be spending lots on money on products and not getting the result that they are expecting. And we may be willing to jump on the bandwagon early whenever a new product is added on the market. I will give a honest review on the Juvia's place foundation if you have not try it as yet.

Juvia's Place had drop their new foundation line. Which I was very excited to try out the new line. I bought two shades: Kampala ( dark tan with golden undertone) and Burkina (dark skin with neutral warm undertone). But here are some quick tips. This foundation retail for $20, it state that it is velvety matte, it's very thick so a little goes a long way, it suppose to give a full coverage and a flawless finish.

But being that I have oily skin, I really wanted to love this foundation but I just couldn't the wear ability was not long, and the foundation was too transferable for my liking, and I think it's semi- matte. My final take on it is that it is not for me. But if you are on the hunt for a new foundation give it a try, you might have a different skin type than me and your skin might like it.

On my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ajDdc52f14&t=24s I did a makeup review on this foundation you can click on the YouTube widget or check out the link above. Enjoy and am a newbie on YouTube don't forget to Like, and subscribe. Thank you.

Have you tried the Juvia’s Place foundation this year, and how are you liking it? If not are you planning to give it a try.

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