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Updated: Nov 15, 2021

It's my 5th Natural Hair Anniversary. In today's post, I would love to introduce you all to my Natural Hair journey. My journey all began in 2014 after I had to transition my hair for an entire year and every December adds another year to my journey. Let's drive-in!

Here's a quick timeline leading up to me growing out natural hair. In 2011 I still had my relaxed hair and I decided to switch my hair products. I've been using the Olive Oil Root Stimulator or ORS. I've used all the products in that entire line that shows how much I loved it. But I wanted to try something different, I came across the Carol's Daughters Monoi Oil line at Macy's, and a girl I was hooked. It was pricey but as we always think that the pricey stuff is the good ones this product proved otherwise. My hair hated it, it started to thin, I got more split ends, my hair ends were breaking at a rapid rate and I didn't know what to do. I got frustrated and stop using the products and decided to give my hair a break from relaxing.

During my study in London in 2012-2013, my non-relaxed hair break went from one month, which turn into three months, etc. I began to notice my hair roots getting thicker, I had a lot of new growth and I was loving it. But I had two hair textures, my roots were thicker than my relaxed ends. And I was still learning how to take care of these two hair textures; it wasn't easy, to be honest with you all, but that is all a part of adapting to changes. During my break when I return to New York I bought the Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus line but my hair didn't like it. I later tried their Jamaican Black Castor Oil line and my hair still didn't like it. I became frustrated and decided to just lay off store brand products.

After graduation and I return to New York a lot of natural hair products were flooding the shelves in stores. I decided to turn to YouTube and y'all it was like to new gate of hallelujah has been opened up to me. I was hooked on YouTube nonstop watching videos and researching to learn more about natural hair, such as natural hair tips, hairstyle, hair care, you name it I was taking notes left, right, and center to learn how to better take care of my hair. But I decided to do things my way. I cut down my product usage and I used the Mane n Tail shampoo and conditioner. My hair was growing faster and also thicker. I also used the Jamaican Black Castor oil to oil my hair nightly.

But I was still learning and growing. I decided to do a lot more DIY than store brands because I was scared that store brand products would just damage my hair and I was beginning to adjust to it at that moment. I created my own DIY Shea Butter whip to moisturize my hair scalp. In 2016 I did my very first hair trim because I notice that my hair length was stock at one length, it was a much-needed trim to help grow out my new growth. And I try to use products that my hair likes, my Shea Butter hair whip, hair oil mix, protective style, and fewer products. I stay consistent from 2016-2019 to where I am today to making it five long years of growth. It wasn't easy but I love it, I learn a lot along the way and I am happy that I didn't give up. I always share a pic of my Natural Hair over on my Instagram page so check it out. And I will share some Natural hair tips in a separate post so stay tuned.

Let me know down below. Are you a natural hair girl? Are you planning to go natural? How has your journey been going? And remember good things comes to those who wait to try and be patient with your hair journey.

Thanks for stopping by...Till next post. See ya. Bye!

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